Risk Calculator

Calculate the Quantities to avoid Maximum Risk.

Assume that if we are Palnning to Buy a Share of RELIANCE @ 2100 with the Stoploss of 2000. We dont want to take more than 1000rs loss. So, That 1000rs is our “Risk Amount”. How much Quantities is Safe to trade by this Risk Amount which is calculated by the Risk Calculator.

Percentage Differece Calculator:

Percentage of Changed in the Recent Value.

Ex: Yesteraday RELAINCE Share price closed @ 2100 and Today closed at 2250. So the Percentage change in RELAINCE is 7.14%

Value1: 2100

Value2: 2250

% Change is: 7.14

Percentage of A Value:

Know the Percentage of a Value by this Calculator.

Ex: RELAINCE share is Trading @ 2100,

We are planning to Buy with 2% stoploss from the Current Price.

So 2% of 2100 is “42” is our Answer. 2100-42=2058 is our Stoploss.

Return Calculator:

Calculate the Percentage of return from Principle Amount.

Ex: Assume that Initial Capital of Investment is 50,000rs, and its contribution in profit is 8000rs. So Return (16%) is the percentage of Contribution (8000rs) in the Principal amount(50,000rs).